Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Little pond

It’s raining for the second day, after five months of hardly any rain. The authorities ask us to not spend water unnecessarily. The forecast is for warm and dry weather again. That would be nice. I hope we will be spared a wet summer this year. Then again, we don’t want drought either. Who knows with all the recent weather extremes.

Anyway, ten days ago I used some water to create a small little pond. There was this shady place in the garden where I never knew what to grow. So I decided to dig a pond. I hadn’t the black foil, but a piece of foil left from when we built the tunnel. I thought that will do as well.

I bought a few water plants, and got some from the pond that’s out on the field, but had nearly dried out. I nevertheless moved a tiny bit of water from that one to my garden pond.

There are already some water beetles in it, they might have come with the plants I bought? I love to watch them moving.

I also like the mixture of levels you see at a pond: surface, under water, sides. Sky and plants above that mirror in the water.

Just a tiny little place, but it is fun. And it will be interesting to see how it will develop.

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