Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Some crafty things I saw

When I found out last year that Ryan Air flies to Memmningen, where I was born, and more precisely to Memmingerberg, where I spent my first two years and had visited my grandparents often later, I decided to fly there next time I go to Germany, and I asked my Mum and brother to spend two days there with me to visit old places. These turned out to be great two days, with beautiful weather. We all had special memories with the same places, memories from different times in part.

It was quite funny to walk out of the plane and be and walk where I used to, only that it was a few decades ago. And it was still so familiar.

We visited some places in the surrounding area and of course we went to Memmingen town centre, which is beautiful. I remembered it as a bit sleepy and neglected, but a lot of renovation was done together with new additions in a cool symbiotic way.

But today I just want to show a few pictures of different interesting crafty things I saw.

The first picture shows one of the many relics in the basilica of Ottobeuren. I know now why I didn’t like that church much. I just took one picture of this bone because of the textile ornament that decorates it. There are more of these; whole skeletons you can see. I don’t know of whom these relics are, and am not interested in it anyway.

Then there is this little dolly figure in the pilgrimage church of Maria Steinbach, with it’s ornamental dress. I don’t know what it is meant to be exactly. It’s in a similar case as the bone above. I hope to write more about Maria Steinbach and the Rococo style another time.

We also visited the Memmingen Stadtmuseum, and here I pictured these two ladies because I wanted to record the details of their clothes and jewellery. It’s kind of a funny feeling to look at these; they are pictures of portrait paintings, made by someone centuries ago, showing textiles and artifacts that someone made at that time. Aren’t there beautiful and intricate details?

Maria Zoller 1624 - 1687

Katharina Kuener 1742 - 1803

And here’s something else from the Stadtmuseum. There is one room full of old doll houses of various types and of various times. I can only show a few. This shop looks really elegant and modern, doesn't it. It is from 1870.

This kitchen is from 1915:

Here is another kitchen from 1840:

Look at the little books!

Here are two rooms from 1900:

See the details on the wall:

You may wish to enlarge some of the pictures to look at more details.


  1. The "dolly" has to be a Child of Prague doesn't it? A common statue that adorns most Irish houses - usually with no head after an accident...

    Lovely doll's houses - I like the old kitchen especially. Nice post.

  2. Hi Snag Breac,

    thanks for the comment.

    Yes, the dolls houses are lovely.

    I never heard of the Child of Prague before. Just googled, and you are right.

    I wouldn't have thought the doll would represent Jesus. It looks so female. Interesting also that, as you say, this kind of statue seems common in Ireland. Why is this, I wonder. You always learn something new...