Monday, 24 May 2010

Simplest patterns from the code - and how to enlarge them

(A Stitch a Day 15th to 22nd May)

In Code Patterns I had explained how to knit a gene sequence or create patterns following another code. Please go there to learn the basics of it.

Four elements make up this code, but today I show patterns you get when you use only two of them constantly.

The first three patterns were knitted according to the single chart which I show again here:

For the pattern at the bottom just always knit the sequence A - T.
For the centre pattern constantly knit A - C.
And for the top pattern knit A – G.

The same sequences of two elements were used for the following patterns, only now I used the full chart.

Here now is how you can enlarge these and the other coded patterns, and indeed any pattern where the second row is knitted as it appears. That means: where there is a stitch purled in a row, it is knitted in the corresponding back row, and vice versa; AND where a stitch is slipped with yarn in front of it in a row, it is slipped with yarn at back of it in the corresponding back row.

I took the bottom pattern in the first set of patterns above that was knitted to the single chart in the sequence A - T. I then repeated every pair of rows once. I’ve already explained this here, were I introduced the R. That elongated the pattern, as you can see on the left below.

You can try repeating a pair of rows twice or three times, to get a more elongated pattern.

To truly enlarge a pattern you do the same, but you also repeat each single stitch once, or as often as you repeat a pair of rows. In the pattern to the right I followed the A – T sequence, enlarged like this.

If you repeat a pair of rows twice, repeat each stitch twice, that means work it three times. I’ve managed to repeat each stitch and pair of rows 8 times, but I recommend to use larger needles for such enlarged patterns.

This may sound complicated, but knitting is actually easy, because you can knit several rows as they appear.

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