Monday, 24 May 2010

Creatures alive

I wouldn’t have thought that it's already two months since my last post here.

It seems having finally got the National Broadband didn’t inspire me to write. It’s probably the time of the year when the real world is so alive again that makes the digital world less appealing.

I just remembered that last year I missed some Stitches a Day in May, and I still have to fill them in. Some will follow in the next post.

I’ve also spent 10 lovely days in Germany, which was quite inspiring. And I’m now one of the many people who were affected by the volcanic ash cloud. No big story here, just a cancelled return flight. I could fly back the next day.

Lovely weather here now - the last days were really hot. While spring was late because of cool temperatures it was also exceptionally dry. It must be a long time ago that the ground was this time of the year as dry as it is now. I hadn’t seen even Comfrey and Lady’s mantle as sloppy in the hot sun as in the last days. Cooler weather today will revive their drooping spirits.

I thought I show you some of the interesting, more or less hairy creatures that can currently be seen in my garden.

This creature looks like a tower made up of dentures, doesn't it?

This reminds me of the little roses
that are made of strips of fabric

You know this hairy "beast"?

And these ones?


  1. What very beautiful pictures! Taken so close its hard to recognise them all - I think I see horsetail, bracken and willow, but what is the second one? They look like giant furry creatures.

  2. Hi Snac Breac,

    you're right with the willows and horsetail. Bracken isn't there. Unless, and I'm not sure, you call all ferns "bracken" in Ireland.

    The second one is the tip of a Heart's Tongue fern leaf just unrolling.