Sunday, 28 March 2010

Easter Bunny egg warmers

Spring started Saturday a week ago, since last night we have summertime, and next weekend we’ll have Easter.

While the daffodils started flowering and the ground is dryer than commonly at this time of the year, there is not much grass growth nor do shrubs and trees show definite signs of new life yet. Apart from the many birds there, which are active and vocal, but still need to be fed.

I thought I bring a bit of colour here with my Easter Bunny egg warmers that I made from my own yarn using some of my stitch patterns. They can be turned into bunnies in a nest and used as table decoration then as well.

Here’s how you can make them, if you wish:

For the patterned part first use a needle somewhat larger than you would normally use for your yarn. Make a pattern swatch to determine how many stitches are needed for 10 cm width. Then calculate how many you need for 14 cm, because that’s about the width you’ll need to knit for the bodies.

Cast on this amount of stitches and knit according to your chosen pattern chart until work measures 7 cm vertically.

Then change to stocking stitch using smaller needle. In first row of stocking stitch knit together every 3rd and 4th stitch. Knit 3 more rows in stocking stitch.

Now knit together every 2nd and 3rd stitch.

With darning needle weave a piece of yarn of the same colour between all the remaining stitches. This will later be pulled together to close the head.


For the chin now purl until the second stitch after middle of piece. Turn; slip one stitch.
Knit until second stitch after middle of piece. Turn; slip one stitch.
Purl until the 3rd stitch after middle of piece. Turn; slip one stitch.
Knit until the second stitch after middle of piece. Turn; slip one stitch.
Go on like this until …4th or 5th stitch…, depending somewhat on your yarn.

Then knit in the round until you reach the size of head you wish to get.

not looking much like a bunny yet

Knit every two stitches together, thread yarn through and pull together. Secure yarn.

somewhat better now

Fill head. Draw the head closing thread tightly together, knot.

Sew together back of body. Knit or crochet on ears. I knitted them on using this method.
Stitch on face. Secure ends

Have a nice Easter!


  1. What a charming project! I've only recently come across your blog and find it truly fascinating. I might use some of your AMAZING patterns for small projects like baby jackets, bags, spectatcle cases etc. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Eggcellent! (Sorry, that was terrible, but I couldn't resist!) I was actually thinking of knitting a bunny for a little girl I know having a birthday, so was happy to see your pattern! They look great!
    Well done!

  3. Thanks both of you.

    Adelma, you are indeed right to use the patterns for small projects first. They take some more time to knit than stocking stitch. I'm at the moment experimenting with combining both in larger projects myself.

  4. Hello I just found your blog, very nice.
    These bunny caps are adoreable. I am looking for reindeer caps for eggs.
    I just got into knitting again after working away some raw fleece for spinning.
    Christine I knitted 2 beautiful sheep scarfs one in natural brown/black like a Jakob sheep and one for a little girl in soft pink/black/white and it got the name "Giggles" the pink sheep. Made it for my girlfriends grandaughter. So cute.
    Thank you for sharing all your beautiful projects.
    Liebe Gruesse