Tuesday, 29 July 2008

More colour sequences for the first pattern structure

One of the things that amaze me so with these patterns is the fact that the same structure of the fabric, the result of the repeated actions that constitute it, has a different - and sometimes totally different - appearance when the two or three colours one has chosen to work with are used in different rows, in other words: when different colour sequences are applied to the same basic structure, which is represented in the chart.

Quite often the resulting colour patterns are interesting on both sides of the fabric, and it's hard to decide which one shall be the "right" side of a project. That's why I avoid to use the expressions "right" and "wrong" side. When I show pictures of the results of the colour sequences for a specific chart, I will make clear which patterns appear on the same side of the fabric. This helps when one wishes to use several of the colour patterns in one project, which is so easily done - just by changing the colour sequence.

Here's the chart for the first pattern again:

Colour sequence 2 gives this result:

This is the result of colour sequence 3:

Colour sequence 4 is knitted with three colours:

Three colours as well in colour sequence 5:

I've just finished a hat for which two of the colour sequences for this chart were used. I'll put it up here as a project which you could chose to make soon. In any case it will give an example of how these patterns can look in a finished project. I intend to have little projects up now and then, but the main purpose of the blog is to share the stitch patterns.

Please be patient with me, though, it's my first blog, and I need to get more experience and routine with time.

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