Thursday, 31 July 2008

Looking ahead

Now, that the blog is public, I wish to tell readers that I’m rather glad of this possibility to share the patterns. I would have liked to give courses as well, but my hearing problem makes this impossible.

I intend to add new patterns about once a week. I have already hundreds of swatches accumulated during the last years. Scanning them, putting together the charts and uploading everything is however a slow process.

It was necessary to explain the basics first. I’m sure you’ll be as amazed like myself about these patterns when you’ve seen more of them here, and especially: when you’ve really knitted some of them.

I also wish to apologise for my English, which is certainly sometimes a bit funny. I’m German, living in Ireland for 15 years now.

Please don’t hesitate to comment and ask when questions arise or when something isn’t well explained. I’ll do my best to sort it out. I’m however aware of the limits of language, even when it’s perfect. I’m sure the knitters amongst you are as well.

The picture above shows the patterns I intend to upload next. They only look like stocking stitch! They aren’t. They can’t be, because they look like stocking stitch on both sides!


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