Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy sliding

As expected, I didn’t make it to the Winter Market, and later heard it was only happening on Saturday; Friday was cancelled. Then followed the whitest and coldest of White Christmases I can remember here. The whole country still struggles to repair leaks of frozen pipes. Luckily none at our place.

And no, I didn’t and won’t upload snowy pictures. Here’s one of my resolutions and wishes for the next year:

A poem a day? Okay.
The snow went away.
It took him two days
to go. Where he’s now he may stay!

So I only collected my copies of LEAVES yesterday, and I am delighted about our little book and thank all of our group for making this real.

I look forward to another poetry workshop with Alice Lyons, where we “will raid techniques from visual arts practice and apply them to the composition of poems”. This sounds exiting.

My latest knitting project is a larger wall hanging that is meant to depict the seasons. This will be a project growing over the year.
The postman brought a lovely little present from Erdmute yesterday,
a book about the twelve “rough nights” (Rauhnaechte).

Here is (tongue in cheek) a bit of the advice it gives for today:

If you don’t leave anything over on your plate today, you’ll have enough money next year. But leave something of today’s meal for tomorrow, that will bring enough to eat next year.

Sauerkraut and peas will bring wealth, pork luck. (Schwein gehabt = had pig: means
Glueck gehabt = had luck.)
Don’t eat poultry, it means luck flies away.

A little bit of your meal put under a fruit tree brings a good harvest next year.

And finally:

Guten Rutsch! (Happy sliding, not on ice, but between old and new time)

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