Friday, 20 August 2010

What fleece is this?

Anyone knows the creature that carries this fleece?

I found several ones in my garden, and when I showed one to my husband he said it looks like a tiny shrivelled up mouse:

Opening it up for a post mortem revealed what can be seen in the next pictures.

Well, "post mortem" is certainly not the right expression. It can still reproduce.


  1. HI Christine; sorry for the late reply. The black carrots are really purple on the outside and orange in the middle. Originally all carrots were purple: orange carrots are a new thing produced through selective breeding: so my carrots are a very old heritage breed lol

  2. Hi stitcheranon,

    that's interesting.

    I better advise people to visit your blog where the carrots are pictured, so people can see what this is about.

  3. Lupins? Are they the blue lupins from your photograph? If so, could you collect a few seeds for me? I would like some blue lupins! I can collect some pink lupin seeds for you in return if you like...

  4. Hi Snac Breac,

    yes they are lupins. Now I've just cut seed stands from the blue ands pink ones I have and mixed them up. But there's another one still on the blue ones, and I will save this for you!

  5. Thanks! Don't mind if they are mixed either.
    Let me know if you'd like some dark pinky ones.

  6. Yes, please. I only have light pink ones,

    I was wondering if colours come true from the seeds, if you have different colours growing along each other, and the bunmble bees visiting all around? Don't know how this works with lupins.