Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Amazing and useful exercises

I’m not sure, but I feel that it is possible that Irish and other knitters not knitting the “continental” way may find the movement of yarn when slipping stitches in two different ways, together with changing between knit and purl stitches, more confusing, because their working yarn is already on the move in “wrapping”.

In any case:

Here are two exercises that may help all knitters to get used to the two ways of slipping stitches, and to the letters representing the four main elements of this technique. Please refer to the explanation of symbols on top right of blog, or in the instructions.

I promise that many of you will be surprised of the result, and may find it useful for certain purposes, as I did for example in creating the Leitrimers. I don't tell more of what you'll get. Not wanting to take away from the experience you can make if you do the exercises.

Now here you go:

First exercise

Cast on 8 stitches. Work in one colour according to this chart:

KX (read left to right, repeat for the 8 stitches in second row)
XK (read right to left,repeat for the 8 stitches in first row)

Repeat the two rows.

Second exercise

As above, cast on 8 stitches, work in one colour only.


Knit at least 30 rows for each chart. Then examine what you got.

Another suggestion:

Printed charts may look and indeed are more difficult to follow than charts written in your own handwriting with which you are familiar.

So copy a chart onto a piece of cardboard, write letters in a size convenient for you to see. I recommend cardboard because it can be put upright, supported by whatever is suitable on your table.

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