Friday, 6 November 2009

Two bags full...

…of yarn (24 kg) spun for me by the Natural Fibre Company from my sheep’s fleeces arrived here a week ago.

It must be told here at least.

Initially I had planned to write a long post about how this old dream finally became reality, but this will have to be postponed, because at the moment I’m just too eager to actually work with the yarn and enjoy exploring it.

And no, it’s of course not merino soft, but it is also not only suitable for carpets.

I'm delighted. I feel it makes so much sense to be able to use my own sheep’s wool for knitting and weaving.


  1. It looks amazing! What a great thing to be knitting with.
    How did yesterday go also?

  2. There was a good crowd there last Sunday. You will not be surprised that I only got bits of what was talked because of my hearing difficulty. I also concentrated on introducing Anne to the basics of my patterns. I learned something through that. (See newest post.)