Sunday, 25 October 2009

While waiting for the yarn from my sheep...

…I’ve done a few more projects with other yarns. I still try pattern variations in one piece, so this scarf is probably too patterned, but one can imagine how a scarf done in one of the colour patterns alone would look like.

I used cheap chunky yarn from Lidl. The main aim was to see how the colour patterns come out with such thick yarns.

Here is one colour sequence shown in detail:

I also made two more bags. Front and back are shown. This one was knitted with yarns from Traub and Kerry Woollen Mills, and then felted:

For that one I used a rather heavy woollen Aran yarn I bought in Germany last year. It is also felted – and, at the second attempt in the washing machine - shrank a lot!

Here is a pair of mittens made from the same yarn:

I also made a child’s jumper. I’ll have pictures of it up soon I hope, together with an instruction how to make it.

I'm now really looking forward to my own yarn, which should arrive next week!

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  1. The first bag looks really great.