Thursday, 27 August 2009

An unexpected shower

I met another visitor yesterday again. He wore a golden costume.

Not on my flowers, but in the poly tunnel. I had met him before about two months ago, when I had removed some old beetroot plants that were full of holes, caused by slugs I had thought, because I had found some of these on the plants before. But when I pulled the plants out, some green caterpillars fell off them as well.

With this action I had also removed the shelter of my golden visitor. He was sitting there a bit irritated, but then started to eat the green caterpillars. I collected the remaining caterpillars from the plants and fed them to him. That was a most unusual experience for me.

Yes, I’m not sure what other potential visitors I killed by that. But at that moment it felt right to feed the caterpillars to him as I had deprived him of shelter and food.

I hadn’t seen him again since. But yesterday when I used the watering can in the tunnel he got a sudden shower from it. That caused him to make a big leap away.

He was kind enough to stay under the carrot leaves for a while for a photo shot:

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