Saturday, 30 May 2009

A Stitch a Day (29th to 31st May)

The wood pidgin has a nest in the elder bush above the table and chairs in our garden. We saw the pair building the nest a few weeks ago. Since then one only sees tail feathers peeping out of it, when one looks up. But at around this time of the day there's some activity, and we always meet a wood pidgin at the sheep troughs when feeding - as well as the pheasant - picking up what has fallen on the ground.

I had to correct: I had told of holly, but no. that was my German brain ("Hollunder"), it's of course the elder bush where the wood pidgin has the nest, and where they feed in autumn on the berries.

I might as well add a picture taken at nest building time. I'm not sure how sharp it will turn out, but try to find the bird anyway!

Here are three further variations for the current fabric:

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