Monday, 13 April 2009

A Stitch a Day (12 to 13th April)

Yesterday I made my first rhubarb cake this year. Whilst we have wet and windy weather, with the occasional hail storms, since ten days or so, Easter Sunday afternoon was fine and we could have coffee and the cake outside.

It is bed-watching time, which is nothing obscene, but is the time when you watch vegetable and flowerbeds, observing what you have sown to appear and start growing, and trying to distinguish between what appears that you haven't sown. It's the time when you also notice old leaves and other stuff such as the seeds of the ash being drawn into the soil by our friends, the rain worms. And yes, it is the time your work is closely watched by the robins.

"When talking to a robin in spring - as one does..." So started Michael Viney in the Irish Times his column recently. I had to smile when I read it, because of course I talk to them, and I call each one by his name: Robin.

Here are two versions for a new fabric, which is rather thick and also very elastic:

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