Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A Stitch a Day (20th to 25th March)

More work done in the garden.

So I load the patterns for the missed days up here in one post.

Now, these are in some ways different to the patterns that we had here before. I was trying to find patterns that are suitable for knitting machines, because these can't do the 4 elements in one row. They need special devices for garter stitch and ribbing, as they normally only knit, and don't purl. I learned that with these special devices slip stitches are not possible. So only a subset of the possible patterns of my technique is possible, that is the one consisting of only knit and slip stitches.

Therefore the right part of the charts below, which is normally for knitting in the round, should be possible to work for knitting machines.

These fabrics also curl. I wondered how I manage to scan the swatches. I found out it works if I let their edges curl "around" a piece of card board. It's not perfect though, that's why I hope you don't mind if some appear at an angle here. It wasn't possible to scan the other side, but that's not really necessary, as these fabrics do have a right and wrong side, I'd say. The wrong side looks a bit like in fair isle or mosaic knitting.
They are similar to mosaic knitting, but not the same. You do not, like in mosaic knitting, always have two corresponding rows.

As always, different colour sequences of rows yield different patterns for the same structure, and that is how the patterns below emerged.
I forgot to mention another difference to the usual patterns. Here one should cast on loosely. The bottom edge tends to curl upwards. A loose cast on diminishes this.

20th March

21st March

22nd March

23rd March

24th March

25th March

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