Sunday, 18 January 2009

A Stitch a Day (18th January)

I’m back with a stitch pattern for today, after a nice calm and dry, but frosty period after Christmas that lasted well into the new year, followed by warmer and more unsettled weather which culminated in a warning of severe storms for last night. Fortunately it didn’t turn out too severe here, and as yet there is none of the snow that was promised, at least not in this area. The mountain tops are white, though. We’ll see.

After I had started knitting again in the new year I experienced an exploration boost, during which writing here wouldn’t have been helpful. Some of the new fabrics will appear here in the future. I also start filling in the days that are without patters, in time. I know there are still a few for October to do.

Today’s chart makes a rather loose and elastic light fabric, very much like stocking stitch. But it doesn’t roll.

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