Thursday, 18 December 2008

Advent Stitch a Day (18th December)

"Because the shepherd is essentially a critic, there is a natural barrier between the shepherd and the sheep – the sheep feels vulnerable and defensive. This attitude can hinder effective communication, and can even foster a tendency for the sheep to ignore comments from the shepherd."

"Yet shepherding can be a very powerful tool for improving patterns."

"Obviously, you have had some experience with shepherding; at the very least, you have been a “sheep”yourself. You know what it feels like. In addition, you know about patterns."

"Most shepherding is done via email."

"Unfortunately, the quality of shepherding varies widely."

The quotes above sound a little strange? They are from a text with the title "The Language of Shepherding, A Pattern Language for Shepherds and Sheep". I haven't seen such a detailed text about shepherding before, and the title sounded very interesting. The link above should lead you to the text. See what it is about!

Below is a patterned sheep with the chart for the pattern of its fleece. But first lets see some real sheep greeting their shepherd:


  1. I have no ideaabout the shorthand you use for your patterns. Were can I find explanations,I particular like the head, so sheepie :-D

  2. Hi Suse,
    You can find a description of the technique and how to read the charts in the instructions 1 to 3. Look for them in the side bar.