Monday, 15 December 2008

Advent Stitch a Day (15th December)

I was googling the word "pattern", to find interesting pages, but it is quite tedious, because the word is used in many ways, often metaphorically, for all and sundry. What annoys me a bit is that there are so many pages , also for words like "texture", "textile" etc, that are about computers. Interesting as that might be, what I'm looking for is pretty hard to find.
I've now just looked for web definitions for "pattern". I might explore some of these in the next days. Most obscure is probably the following, which seems to have the word "patron" as a root.
I never heard of this before:

"Pattern is an Irish term meaning either a saint's feast day, or the various devotional activities that take place on the feast day at sites associated with the saint's life. It is thought to derive from the word patron, as in a patron saint.
A notable example of a pattern takes place on the eve and day of July 24 at Saint Declan's Ardmore, County Waterford. Patterns also take place in Tuosist parish, near Kenmare County Kerry, on July 8, the feast of Saint Killian, and at Urlaur in County Mayo on August 4."

Here is a third colour version for the current chart:

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