Saturday, 29 November 2008

A Stitch a Day (29th November)

Today I finish the series of colour patterns for this chart. Twenty-two are then here altogether; all the patterns since 7th November were made using the same stitch chart, only the sequence of colours used in different rows varied.

I have now obtained a very long piece of fabric, consisting of all the swatches you saw here. Initially I thought it could make a scarf, albeit it lacked a bit in width. But it has become too long for a scarf anyway.

Nevertheless these picture give an idea how a scarf with a variety of colour sequences could look like – they aren't sharp though, it was pretty windy, and my good camera has broken down some time ago.

I meanwhile had another idea what to do with this long pattern strip, and I’ll show you the result when it is finished.

Below is the last pattern for today. There would be more possibilities, but I want to move on now.

From tomorrow on the blog will reflect the season, this will include a seasonal contest for everyone to take part.

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