Friday, 14 November 2008

Scarf with enlarged pattern

If you don’t wish to concentrate on a stitch pattern for a whole project, this scarf might be a good alternative.

Only one end of the scarf has a colour stitch pattern, the main (green) part is a closed double knitted tube, the other end is also double knitted, but has open selvages so that the patterned end can be pulled through.

Yarn I used:

Traub 50% Maulbeerseide 50% Merinowolle (mulberrysilk/merinowool)
in colours kiwi (4018-1708) and purpurblau (4018 – 6501). I needed 100 g of the kiwi colour, but only about a third of the blue hank. This is a soft singles yarn to which the silk adds a lovely shine, but you can use any yarn you like.

Needle size: 5 mm

You can choose any stitch pattern from this blog for the patterned end. Make this as long as you like. Mine is 27 cm long. See instruction for the stitch pattern I used at the end of this post.

Then you knit the double knitted tube in the colour of your choice according to this chart (Depending on your pattern you might have to increase/decrease a stitch):

Make this as long as required. Best is to wrap the work piece around your neck to check. Mine is 50 cm long.

Finally you switch to the pull through end. Use two balls to knit this, one for each layer (rows 1+2, rows 3+4) and watch out not to cross the threads at the selvages. Work according to this chart:

In the last row use a larger needle and knit every two stitches together. Then pull each loop over the next for casting off.

My stitch pattern:

Now, to me all the stitch patterns here seem “magic”, but in this case I used a “magic wand” that I haven’t used yet on this blog: I enlarged the original pattern of 4th November by 4. The original is still recognisable, if you look closely, but the enlarged pattern has its own features. It results in a fabric with a much bolder appearance and a very sculptural texture.

I intend to explain in the future how such enlargements are made. For now I just leave you with the chart for this one. But first I explain how to find the amount of stitches you have to cast on for it.

Cast on for this stitch pattern: Take note that each pattern stitch in the chart has to be knitted 4 times. We need two pattern repeats for the scarf. This makes (2x4)x4 = 32 stitches. You also have to knit the red stitch, which is needed for symmetry 4 times. So we have 32 + 4 = 36 stitches. To this we add two selvage stitches on both sides, which lead us to 36 + 4 = 40 stitches.

The green selvage stitch in the chart makes it possible to hide the unused thread that is carried up along the selvage. For this, when you slip this stitch in the even rows, carry the working thread under the unused thread.

Now, here is the chart for the pattern I used. If there is any problem with it don’t hesitate to contact me here.
I recommend you read the instructions to this technique on this blog.

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